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05-Aug-2017 08:34

How do other shift workers cope with trying to meet and date people around your work schedule? Did it affect your decision to date the person in the first place?

I can understand some peoples wish not to date shift workers.

Anger broke through the surface of my usually peaceful life, but I didn't know why. These outbursts occurred often enough during the first year of our marriage that I knew something deeper had to be involved—if only I could find it.

Millions of firefighters, police officers, medical caregivers, manufacturing production workers and service industry employees work such shifts.

If I have to cancel a date for work, that guy won't be around the next night.

Tony's schedule has changed several times throughout our marriage.

My husband, Tony, gently touched my shoulder as he asked, "What's wrong? On the Sunday afternoons when Tony's work schedule required him to work all night, my attitude turned sour. That moment launched our quest to recognize and overcome the problems that shift work created in our family.

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