Dating a banker ananymous

16-Nov-2017 13:35

A: Apparently annuities are a growing segment of the retirement market, so Bill, your question is timely.

From the banker’s – as well as insurance company’s – perspective, an annuity is a great deal, and it’s not a gamble. HOW A BANKER OR INSURANCE COMPANY THINKS OF AN ANNUITY First off, your insurance company – despite what your friendly insurance broker may tell you – does not offer you the annuity to “guaranty your financial health,” “generate dependable income,” “protect your loved-ones,” or to “make sure you have sufficient income in your retirement years.” The insurance company, instead, is an investor maximizing its profit.

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The next person you may be inclined to date might be a starving artist – someone completely in the opposite direction. Adding unrelated interests is unlikely to get you the help you're looking for and can frustrate other members. Have fun working in fast food," is not helpful nor appropriate. Be specific and title your post with relevant information. Don't abuse the anonymous feature by pretending to be multiple people. Please only tag relevant interests when you create a new thread. This includes replying to your own thread for the sole purpose of moving it up the discussion feed. Please avoid commenting on inappropriate posts as this only encourages them. In reality, if you dated that investment banker but you just wished they worked a bit less, you may want to date a trader, lawyer, or accountant.

In dating, many people are always looking for the opposite of the person they last had a relationship with.Now let’s briefly peek ahead at the Answer Key in the back of this blog: your annuity represents an opportunity to buy cheap money for the insurance company. All insurance companies need a massive pile of money to operate,[1] so they constantly evaluate the best ways of buying money.

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