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10-Nov-2017 01:05

If the victim allows them to gain control of the computer, the scammers can access personal files and passwords and obtain credit card information, supposedly to settle repair charges for services that are worse than worthless.

“Everyone with a computer is a target and is vulnerable to be tricked by these con artists,” Nofziger told Dr. “The Microsoft survey actually found younger people were more likely to be scammed because they are online more and feel more confident.” The survey found that among victims, half were millennials (ages 18 to 34), 34 percent were between the ages of 36 and 54, and 17 percent were 55 or older.

Investigators are finding a growing number of people, of all ages, male and female, are falling victim to these emotional predators.

If you believe you, or someone you know, may be the victim of an Internet Catfish, contact us today.

If you are in an online relationship with someone whom you’ve never met, it may be beneficial to you to check the identity they have provided to you.

This could save you a lot of future time, money, and heartache, given the world we live in.

“These con artists are skilled at tricking people into believing they are a legitimate support tech from a reputable company,” Nofziger said on “The Dr.

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A survey released in October by Microsoft found that over the past year, two-thirds of consumers have experienced the tech-support scam and that 20 percent of people surveyed around the world continued with a potentially fraudulent interaction after the first contact.Doug Kane, a private investigator hired by the show, discovered the photos of “Eric” were, in fact, of Colorado lawyer James Avery – who appeared on the episode to assure Hamilton he was not involved in the fraud. A Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer informs a migrant couple of the location of a legal border station, shortly before they illegally crossing from Champlain, N. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa) " data-medium-file="https://shawglobalnews.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/nyck111-87_2017_172147_high1.jpg? quality=70&strip=all&w=300" data-large-file="https://shawglobalnews.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/nyck111-87_2017_172147_high1.jpg? quality=70&strip=all&w=650" /Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. THE CANADIAN PRESS/National Archive of Canada " data-medium-file="https://shawglobalnews.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/cpt500137542_high-e1421006619118.jpg?Y., to Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec, Monday, Aug. quality=70&strip=all&w=300" data-large-file="https://shawglobalnews.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/cpt500137542_high-e1421006619118.jpg? quality=70&strip=all&w=483" /A group of asylum seekers walk down the street as they are escorted from their tent encampment to be processed at Canada Border Services in Lacolle, Quebec, Canada August 11, 2017.For tips about how keep safe from technical-support scammers, consumers can tap into a new Fraud Watch Network Web page at org/Tech Scams.

TV show depicts Carl, a father of two adult daughters, who believes he has been dating a Ukrainian woman from Odessa for 2 years, although he has never met “Natalie” in person or even spoke to her on camera, video, Skype, or phone.

Scammers, sometimes referred to as “catfish,” can be found around the globe.