Sedating pets for airline travel

20-Nov-2017 13:52

We have current and accurate information on traveling with your pet by air, sea or ground.

Find more Pet Travel Information If you have questions, you can post them directly to our Facebook page, blog, forum.

If you decide to transport your dog or cat by air, there are some points to check for compliance with applicable laws, and to assure the safest and most comfortable trip for your pet.

Animals traveling internationally should have a pet microchip that meets ISO standards 11784/11785.

Most airlines only allow one or two dogs on each flight, so it's important to book your dog's ticket as soon as possible.

Don't buy your ticket until you call the airline and make sure there is a "seat" available for your dog on the flight.

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The cost can run from .00 to 0.00 so check with your airline's reservation or cargo department.

Millions of animals travel safely aboard aircraft every year.